Winning the Business Strategy Game – The Celebrity Mistake

In all the games I’ve seen, oftentimes a company won’t think one of the most overrated aspects of the business strategy game that wins. And that is celebrities.

Celebrities for a fixed cost, give a boost to the desirability to your shoes. Most people think really materialistically when they think of celebrities and want them to promote their shoes. Celebrities are known for getting outrageous amounts of money and therefore in the first year, people put up insane bids without even thinking. When I say insane I mean over $10,000, I’ve seen people max it out at $50,000. Thinking of it logically, if you are starting a new game, your company sees a net profit of about $30,000 a year. So to bid anything above $10,000, you are basically throwing away your net profits. Most companies put themself in a bad start by bidding way too high for celebrities.

Realistically, your celebrity bids are $1000-$3000 to put you in the right direction. A game can be won without celebrities.

Celebrities though can be a strategy in themselves. A mid game company that has all the celebrities for possibly $5000 on average has stifled his competition who has no celebrities. This strategy is not a surefire winner, but it is a strategy that I have employed for a round.

Overall though, take celebrities with a grain of salt. Celebrities in the game don’t have enough clout singly to win the Business strategy game. In the end it is your product that will make or break you.

Strategies to Win Paintballing Games

Paintballing games can be more fun if you devise to win them. You should follow a few strategies to understand how to win them. These games are very popular since the various UK countries arrange for wonderful events at various venues to spice up the mood of the game.

Make the strategies

First, you should start with planning the game. Remember if you want to play the game with immense energy then there should be a proper venue and the right equipment to turn the meter soaring. First, formulate a plan by choosing a proper venue that is a paintball venue. Then you have to choose a proper subject matter for the game that you want to follow to make the game more interesting.

Your next step is to check out the opposing team and each of its members. The basic strategy of having an Eagle’s eye for a proper check out would be to look out for those who are overweight, timid, tall, or short from the opponent team. Weighing the stature of the other person will help you devise the exact way of playing the game successfully.

Plan with your team where each member will hide and from where the members will attack the opponent team. This strategy will help you to win the game more easily. The trick of the game lies in constantly attacking the members of the opponent team. Instead of sitting at one place and being caught, it is best to pair up and take rapid shots to confuse the members of the opponent team from firing back.

Remember the basic strategy of the game is to take your aim and shoot. Therefore, if you know how to go about the game and win your position, it will be easy for you to get through the intricacies of the game and win it. Making plan more thoroughly should be your basic objective so that you know how to go about the game and win it all.

You can also make an extensive research on how to win the paintballing game with the right strategies applied. If you know about these strategies and able to teach your team members then it will become easy for you to shoot all the members of the opponent team one by one and win the game.

Hence, it can be said that winning paintballing games demands right strategies. Finding the right venue is a good start for a successful paintballing game. If you know how to execute your plan in the best possible way then it will be easy for you to win the game without any barrier

Lottery Winning Strategy: 3 Insider Secrets to Pick 5!

Have you ever had a gut feeling that your number combination was the winner and bet it all on that combo? Have you played the same 5 numbers for years with little or no results? Why are you doing this to yourself don’t you want to win?

Of course you do but if you keep on in this matter you will continue to miss out on some sizeable jackpots.You can change your luck and results now. As you read this article you will find out three trade secrets to the pick 5 and how to develop them into a lottery winning strategy.


The winners of this game make it a point to study pass data. The insiders know that with information from the past they can study and determine combination for the future. So to compete you need to get access to at least one year of the past winning pick 5 numbers. Last years data is most preferable. Analyze the numbers look and see if there are repeating numbers to be played in the future.


Play and analyze your results for free for several months before actually putting any money down. The insiders do test runs constantly many times losing out in the short run to win in the long run. The name of the game is to win not just once but consistently this only comes with practice. The best practice is before you actually play the game.


All insiders invest first in their education, willing to change strategies and are open to setting a loss limit on their hunches. The lotto in it’s a design is a game of chance and the insider winners know anything to stack the odds in their favor is just common sense. So there you have it gather data analyze it and get educated in a system that’s your winning strategy. I know you are just as intelligent to follow that. The question is will you do it?