3 Strategies For Winning Chess Games

The idea of playing chess is to get the opposing King either cornered or captured. This is the way to winning chess games. Checkmate the chess opponents King and try to keep your opponent, “the enemy”, away from checkmating your King.

These three strategies below will prevent one of the beginner chess players most fatal mistakes. Most beginners will try to protect their own King instead of attacking and causing a checkmate situation. Learn how to be more aggressive in winning chess. Defense is good, but winning chess games is better.

For instance, if the King was hemmed in by chess pieces on all sides but one side, you could move your Rook down to cover the hole and checkmate the King. Remember the Rook can only move straight left or right, forward or backward. The Queen or Bishop can cover the diagonal move. The Queen can move all directions which makes her the most useful chess piece.

Another strategy to cause a checkmate in playing chess if your opponent King is surrounded by chess pieces is to use your Knight. Protect your Knight in this position well with either the other Knight or another piece, so that if the Knight is taken, there will be another chess piece ready to take over and therefore winning the chess game. The best way to protect the Knight is to position the Knight so that if it is taken, there will be a hole left leaving room for an automatic checkmate if the opponent moves any of his chess pieces to take the Knight.

One more way to create a checkmate strategy is to single out and box in the King using either both of the Rooks and, or the Queen. This is done by cornering the King with one or both of the Rooks and using the Queen to finish off the game by causing the King to have nowhere to go.

Once you understand the strategies of winning chess games, you will be able to come up with your own strategies. You can even learn to use Pawns to create checkmate situations. We can talk about doing automatic checkmate situations later. Right now, get started.

The King is cornered, surrounded by his Bishop, Rook, Knight and a pawn. There is only one way out for the King and you position your Rook piece in line with the King. This causes a checkmate situation because if the King moves anywhere, none of his men can rescue him. This will depend on where the Knight, Rook and Bishop is positioned, and where the King is. The Knight, Bishop, Rook and Pawn would have to be in a position that they could not protect the King if the King should move so perfect this strategy in several situations before you come up with the perfect win.